Training Toolkit Available!

Training Toolkit Available!

The much-anticipated SIS Training Development Toolkit is now available! Visit the Training Toolkit tab of this site for all the details.

Getting to Know TopClass

TopClass is the Learning Management System, or LMS, used by the National Library of Medicine’s Specialized Information Services Learning Center. Getting to Know TopClass is a series of short, interactive tutorials that introduce TopClass from a learner’s perspective. These tutorials include audio and require Adobe Flash Player.

Topics covered include:

  • Basic Navigation
  • Browsing & Enrolling in Instructor-Led Training
  • Training History, Calendar, & Preferences
  • Searching the Catalog
  • Enrolling in Online Activities
  • Taking Online Courses
  • TopClass Mail

For the best experience, participants in the June 3 TopClass Training should complete these tutorials prior to that session.

Total time: About 15 minutes


A good self-assessment helps you identify what you are doing and how well you are doing it; it also documents your processes and establishes a baseline. The best way to produce a self-assessment is to determine the questions that are most applicable to your program. Attached to this post is a guideline that can be used to start your own self-assessment document. Please note that some of the items in the guideline may not apply to your program; you may also discover additional items relevant to your program that are not included in this guideline. Feel free to remove or add items as they apply specifically to your program.

Also, the attached rubric examines items that are more curriculum specific. This tool can be used as the basis for developing your own self-assessment document. 

In short, what do you really want to know about your program that will make it better? What could you improve to provide a quality educational experience for your students? 

Please post your ideas here, or respond via e-mail. Thanks!


Instructional Quality Rubric

Program planning

Today we’ll start bringing things together as we talk about program planning and management.

Here’s the handout:


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Materials development webinar recording

Here’s the recording of the Materials Development webinar, recorded Wednesday, November 20, 2013, along with a fe additional resources.


cdc style guide


Section 508_FAQs_CDC

Materials development webinar

Here are the ppt slides for today’s webinar.


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Materials Development

This week we’ll be talking about the training material development process, identifying common document elements and best practices for Section 508 and Accessibility. We will also look at examples of a style guide template and lesson plan template to help create a consistent look and feel across SIS training products.

We have attached reference material below. First are the handouts we’d like you to review prior to the session. Below that are some references you might find interesting and informative for further exploration of the topic.


References re: question about Trademark versus Registered Trademark versus Copyright: